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Absentee Crofters may take their fight to the European Courts

European Court of Human RightsThe BBC have reported that absentee crofters being evicted by the Crofting Commission for not residing on their crofts have joined forces to challenge the decision and have indicated that they may take their fight to the European Courts.

The BBC issued two reports on 11 April:-

The second of these includes a video containing interviews with Jeremy Gow, who can keep his croft house but has been evicted by the Crofting Commission from the surrounding croft land, and Susan Walker, Convenor of the Crofting Commission.

Jeremy Gow says:-

I’m a Scot and I am getting my land taken away from me. It is only 4 acres. We are in the Highland Clearance at the moment.

Susan Walker responds:-

Since the action on this has started over 280 crofters have now returned to their crofts and there have only been 30 terminations.