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Crofting (Amendment) (Scotland) Bill Published

Scottish Parliament

Scottish Parliament

The Crofting (Amendment) Scotland Bill was introduced yesterday and published this morning:-

This Bill is to resolve the perceived ‘flaw’ in the Crofting Reform (Scotland) Act 2010 which the Crofting Commission say prevents them from processing or approving decrofting applications from owner-occupier crofters. See Top Secret Crofting Law and Decrofting Bill.

Environment Minister Paul Wheelhouse said:

It came to light recently that there was an issue with the Crofting Reform (Scotland) Act 2010 and the Scottish government, along with the Crofting Commission, has been working extremely hard to resolve these issues as quickly as possible.

There are, clearly, different legal opinions on this issue, and this bill will provide legal certainty for all involved in the process on the competency of owner-occupier crofter applications to the commission to decroft their land.

The Rural Affairs, Climate Change and Environment Committee (RACCE) is seeking views from organisations and individuals on the Crofting (Amendment) (Scotland) Bill.

How to submit written evidence

Evidence should be concise and typewritten in Word format.

The deadline for receipt of written submissions is Friday 17 May 2013. Owing to the timescale normally required for the processing and analysis of evidence, late submissions will only be accepted with the advance agreement of the clerk. The Committee prefers to receive written submissions electronically. These should be sent to: racce.committee@scottish.parliament.uk

You may also send a hard copy of written submissions to:

Rural Affairs, Climate Change and Environment Committee
Scottish Parliament
EH99 1SP

They welcome written evidence in any language.

My thoughts

I will post my thoughts on the Crofting (Amendment) Scotland Bill when I have had the chance to digest it.

Brian Inkster