A Happy Crofter

Mr Happy CrofterToday I received an e-mail from a happy crofter. It read:-

I can’t thank you enough for the help and advice you have given over the last few months and I think the Crofting Law Blog has been an invaluable source of information that was virtually impossible to find anywhere else.

We have found obtaining relevant information from the Crofting Commission about the many complex aspects of crofting law extremely difficult so finding the Crofting Law Blog was a huge help to us.

You all deserve an award.

It seems a shame that such a clear and understandable source of information could not have been provided by the Crofting Commission itself.

Always nice to be appreciated for what you do. It also encourages us to blog more. We have a few interesting blog posts in the pipeline and if there is anything you would particularly like us to blog about then do let us know.

Brian Inkster

Image Credit: Mr. Happy – One of the Mr. Men by Roger Hargreaves

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