Brown Envelopes at the Crofting Commission?

Brown envelopes at the Crofting Commission?Information has been provided to the Crofting Law Blog on the use of ‘brown envelopes’ within the Crofting Commission.

We have seen correspondence written by Colin Kennedy, the current Convener of the Crofting Commission, in which he refers to a matter that should have appeared on an official list at a board meeting not appearing on that list but instead being passed to Commissioners in an envelope (the actual colour of that envelope not being made clear so it may not have been a brown one) that they were asked not to open until they got home.

The murky world of the Crofting Commission appears to get murkier by the day.

2 thoughts on “Brown Envelopes at the Crofting Commission?

  1. Linda Brackenbury

    Oh for heaven sake, what is he doing now..not to open until they get home..what kind of workplace is that? I admit I cannot wait to discover what dastardly deed he’s thought up now..

  2. Roy Pentland

    There are many adjectives to describe the goings on at the Crofting Commission, none of which are particularly pleasant.

    Murky, manipulative
    Childish, conniving
    Incompetent, insensitive
    Disastrous and damaging

    Just a few which spring to mind.

    Anyone who has heard the Convenor give one of his powerful “fellow crofters” speeches (when he isn’t in hiding that is) as seen on YouTube, will know how persuasive he is and many crofters were obviously taken in by his convincing performance. Thinking this is the man to lead them. But that’s all it was. A performance. Empty promises to get into this position of power.

    Strange therefore that none of his fellow crofters on the Isle of Coll have backed him or spoke in his defence. Strange indeed.


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