Crofting Law Comments are back!

Comments for Inksters on Crofting LawSeveral months ago all comments that had ever been made by anyone on this Crofting Law Blog vanished. Any attempts to post new comments failed.

We didn’t know why.

It curtailed our ability to use this blog as an interactive one. Planned blog posts were put on hold pending a fix.

We couldn’t get it fixed. But then we specialise in crofting law and are not WordPress experts. Thankfully through a very useful blogger contact we eventually found such an expert. He fixed it overnight.

All old comments that were previously visible are now visible again. New comments will now come through for moderation. It is likely, however, that any comments made by anyone over the past few months when the comments function was not working have been lost. We are sorry if this is the case.

We are though now back in business at the Crofting Law Blog. Just as well as there have been some interesting crofting law developments of late and we can also now post several outstanding blog posts that had been on hold.

Brian Inkster

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