Crofting law is a complete mystery

Crofting Law is a mystery

Can Daphne solve the mystery of crofting law via the Crofting Law Blog?

Yesterday I blogged about proceedings that morning at the Rural Affairs, Climate Change and Environment Committee of the Scottish Parliament. They were taking evidence on the Scottish Government’s amendments to the crofting community right to buy at Stage 2 of the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Bill. I highlighted a potential issue concerning time limits being imposed upon the Scottish Land Court.

Also worth a mention from yesterday’s proceedings were a few quotes from participants about the incomprehensible nature of crofting law.

When introducing themselves at the outset Alex Fergusson (of Crofting Law Hydra fame) said:-

I am the MSP for Galloway and West Dumfries, and crofting law is a complete mystery to me.

Then, after some discussion on the definition of crofting community, Alex Fergusson said:-

That is me. I am exhausted

Earlier in the proceedings Peter Peacock of Community Land Scotland said:-

It is said that only three people understand crofting law—one is mad, one is dead and nobody can remember who the third one is.

I hope that Alex and Peter will read this blog. We will try to demystify crofting law for Alex and trust Peter will come to realise that our three main bloggers are not mad, dead or unmemorable!

Read the Official Report of the Rural Affairs, Climate Change and Environment Committee – 18 February 2015 [PDF]

Brian Inkster

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