First Minister answers questions on “intolerable” Convener

The First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon MSP, answers questions on the turmoil at the Crofting Commission

The First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon MSP, answers questions from Tavish Scott MSP on the turmoil at the Crofting Commission

At First Minister’s Question Time in the Scottish Parliament today Tavish Scott MSP questioned the First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon MSP, over what could possibly be dubbed Broragate.

Tavish Scott asked:-

Is the First Minister aware of the turmoil in the Crofting Commission caused by the intolerable behaviour of the current convener?

Does she know that other commissioners have asked for his resignation and that the previous Chief Executive, Catriona Maclean, left because of the convener’s behaviour and the pressure that is being placed on commission staff?

In those circumstances will she and her rural secretary now take action to make the commission work for crofters across the crofting counties without the disruptive presence of the convener?

Tavish Scott MSP asks the First Minister questions on the turmoile at the Crofting Commission

Tavish Scott MSP asking the First Minister questions on the turmoil at the Crofting Commission

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon answered:-

Well Tavish Scott raises a very important issue.

The Cabinet Secretary for the Rural Economy has already welcomed the apology from the board of the Crofting Commission but it is disappointing that the convener was not a party to that apology.

It is important that we get to the stage of being able to draw a line under recent events.

The resources spent on dealing with these issues by the  commission would in my view be far better used in being an effective regulator in contributing to a sustainable future for crofting.

I note that crofting commissioners have unanimously called on the convener to resign.

The Scottish Government have requested further information from the convener in relation to last week’s events.

While the Government would not ordinarily intervene in the internal operations of an independent statutory body the legislation does give Scottish Ministers power to act if required, and I can assure Tavish Scott that the Cabinet Secretary continues to monitor the situation very closely and would be very happy to discuss it further with Tavish Scott.

You can watch this exchange between Tavish Scott and the First Minister on YouTube at about 24:42 in:-

5 thoughts on “First Minister answers questions on “intolerable” Convener

  1. Linda Brackenbury

    “monitoring the situation” closely..delaying the inevitable! asking the convener for an explanation?
    all words no action, further delays, no new appointments, being held to ransom ..most disappointed in the lack of swift action from Fergus Ewing MSP.

  2. Donald Meek

    The second paragraph of Tavish Scott’s question caught my eye.

    If Commission staff are now frightened of Commissioners, I presume that they must be terrified at the prospect of what might appear in early 2017.

    All in all, and regardless of the place of democracy, I consider the election process as a whole to be seriously and fatally flawed.

    The Crofting Commission ought always to be ‘above the battle’, and not part of it, as this unfortunate saga has more than amply demonstrated.

  3. Pat Marse

    Has anyone on this blog noticed that, despite the fact that the island press and the national press (including the BBC) have had stories about Kennedy’s ridiculous behaviour plastered all over their pages whenever there’s anything to report, NO stories have been printed about him in the Oban Times? You have to wonder why, either he has something on them, he’s cosied up in some other way, or they are actually frightened to write a story about his bullying, overblown, conflicted, unhinged and mentally challenged activities? Just sayin…..

  4. Roy Pentland

    Pat Marse, I have family on Tiree & Iona and it’s a standing joke about the Oban Times and the Convenor. It’s pretty pathetic but they never publish anything negative about him. Possibly out of fear of unrelenting law suits if they do. You hit the nail right on the head about the Oban Times. I think a few journalists have had a taste of the Convenor’s wrath and now they give him a wide berth rather than risk a prolonged and expensive legal wrangle.

  5. Linda Brackenbury

    Pat Marse, the Oban times only ever paint the picture he wants questions have ever been asked of the other side in any has been said that old school friends are in the employ of the Oban Times, and as such they won’t paint a picture of anything near the truth on any matter.


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