Kennedy stays in post and seeks legal advice

Colin Kennedy stays in position as Convener of the Crofting Coimmission and seeks legal adviceYesterday we heard that the Convener of the Crofting Commission, Colin Kennedy, had told the BBC that he had no plans to resign.

Today we learn that he has also been speaking to The Scottish Farmer. Their front page main story reveals:-

I am currently taking legal advice and it is inappropriate for me to comment at this stage.

All I will say is that, despite all the flak, I am staying in my position as convener, and not resigning.

In the past week Mr Kennedy has provided statements to The Herald, BBC and The Scottish Farmer asserting that he is going nowhere. That appears to be many more statements than he has ever made to the press as convener on behalf of the Crofting Commission in over a year in that position.

With no support from fellow commissioners, the Scottish Crofting Federation, National Farmers Union Scotland, MSPs of all political persuasions, the press and the vast majority of crofters it would appear very clear that he no longer has a mandate to continue in that position.

All the legal advice in the world won’t change that simple fact.

Brian Inkster

2 thoughts on “Kennedy stays in post and seeks legal advice

  1. malc

    Is he entitled to severance pay? Legal advise will be sought from both sides, but the fact is he left his place of duty at Brora thus probably breaching his contract, due to breaching rules of a siting committee meeting and leaving because he refused to accept the request from the officials – The main question is who was the official and what power did they have to advise Kennedy to accept the request, it was only a request not an order so the saga continues?????

    If Mr Kennedy does get a golden hand shake will we know the value and who will suffer as it is surely a devolved matter meaning that the Scottish people will pay for this not Kennedy…..

    “Colin Kennedy had earlier in the meeting refused to allow a commissioner to withdraw his declaration of interest in the dispute about common grazings.

    When officials told him he had to accept the request, Mr Kennedy closed the meeting and walked out.”

  2. Linda Brackenbury

    Drawing it out to the last, its his way whether he is right or he is wrong, mandate or not he will continue in his perceived position as convener, even if he has to go it alone..he will no doubt use whatever means may be available to him and then some,

    Clearly the Commissioners must ready themselves for what could be a fight for their job/s, their lives / livelihoods, even their sanity!

    Anyone would think he’d be getting fed up being beaten in the courts etc, anyone else would hang their head in shame and walk (slink) back to where they came from, not however, this convener.

    The gloves it would appear are off.


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