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All quiet on the crofting law blog

All quiet on the crofting law blogThere have not been any posts for a while on the crofting law blog. That is not because nothing has been happening in the world of crofting law. It is simply because the crofting lawyers at Inksters have been somewhat occupied over the past few months with activities that have kept us away from blogging. Inksters have moved into a new HQ in Glasgow and expanded staff numbers by four including a Gaelic speaking solicitor based in Glasgow and an Estate Agent based in Portree who will enhance the service Inksters can provide to crofters selling their crofts in Skye and Lochalsh and the surrounding areas. The new Estate Agent will also cover Inverness-shire, Fort William and Oban. Eilidh Ross of Inksters’ Portree and Inverness offices has been on maternity leave with Brian Inkster and Martin Minton covering for her during that period. Eilidh is now back at work from the beginning of May.

With things settling back into place we will be able to catch up with some crofting law blog posts on here. Indeed we have at least five in the pipeline: A Review of crofting law in 2013 and a glimpse at what 2014 may have in store (an article from Brian Inkster that first appeared in the Scottish Legal News Annual Review 2014); ‘To buy or not to buy?’ and ‘Did the 2010 Act Equalise Availability of Crofting Grants?’ both by Eilidh Ross; a guest post on owner-occupier crofters by Derek Flyn; and a post by Brian Inkster on the recent Land Court decision on whether resumption of part of a common grazings triggers registration in the Crofting Register of all crofts with a share in that grazings.

So keep an eye on the crofting law blog over the next few weeks as things will be far from quiet here in May.

Brian Inkster

Inksters’ submissions on the Crofting (Amendment) (Scotland) Bill

Crofting Law - Brian Inkster and Eilidh Ross

Brian Inkster and Eilidh Ross

Solicitors at Inksters have lodged submissions on the Crofting (Amendment) (Scotland) Bill with the Scottish Parliament.

Brian Inkster has submitted his views on the Bill in three parts. These have been published on this blog as five separate blog posts:-

Submissions (Part 1): A sledge hammer to crack a nut

Submissions (Part 2): An alternative Crofting (Amendment) (Scotland) Bill

Submissions (Part 3): Crofting is not a perfect word + The Crofting Law Hydra + Are owner-occupier crofters a sub-set of owner-occupiers?

Eilidh Ross has also submitted her views on the Bill: The Crofters (Scotland) Act 1993 is a mess

Since the deadline for providing submissions expired another decrofting problem has reared its head. Brian Inkster has blogged about it: Owners of croft land who are aliens to the Crofting Commission.

The Rural Affairs, Climate Change and Environment Committee are due to produce their Report on the Bill this forthcoming week. It is to be hoped that they take on board the Inksters’ submissions and the latest decrofting problem when compiling that Report.