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New Landlord Crofting Commissioner

David Campbell

David Campbell

Minister for the Environment and Climate Change Paul Wheelhouse has announced the appointment of David Campbell as Commissioner to represent the interests of landlords of crofts on the Board of the Crofting Commission.

Mr Wheelhouse said:

“I am delighted that David has accepted the opportunity to act as a member of the Crofting Commission. Aside from his clear passion for crofting, David’s knowledge and understanding of the interests of landlords of crofts, and his broad knowledge and understanding of crofting tenure and relevant issues, will be invaluable in delivering the Scottish Government’s crofting policies and ensuring the Commission is an effective regulator. Additionally, his understanding of the requirements of effective corporate governance will build on the existing experience within the Commission and help ensure that the organisation continues to be effectively run.

I am sure David will rise to the challenge of being a Crofting Commissioner and wish him every success in his new role.”

Susan Walker, Convener of the Crofting Commission, said:

“We look forward to welcoming David Campbell to the board of the Crofting Commission. His ideas to encourage more proactive engagement of private and also community landlords in regulation of crofting will assist the work of the Crofting Commission. I believe his commitment and knowledge of the crofting system and his understanding of the potential benefits of encouraging landlords to work in partnership with crofters in exploring the development potential of crofting assets will have a positive impact for this unique form of land tenure.”

David Campbell originates from the Highlands of Scotland and has a strong family background in crofting, agriculture and rural estate life. He has acquired a breadth of experience in a number of roles within the land and property management sector in Scotland, particularly in the Highlands and Islands where he currently operates as a Consultant. He has first-hand experience of local governance having previously served on a community council including a term as Chair. He is an active member of the local community believing that communities that interact with each other will flourish.