Twitter Hashtags poke fun at Crofting Convener

Twitter Hashtag pokes fun at Crofting ConvenerFollowing revelations this morning that the Convener of the Crofting Commission, Colin Kennedy, requires a comfortable chair at meetings to aid his “posture, conduct and demeanour” followers of @CroftingLaw on Twitter started to have some fun.

In keeping with the headline of the original blog post we got the hashtag #achairfitforaconvener from @Janiceeem56:-

With the accompanying image:-


@CrabbitCrofter started the hashtag #convenersthrone:-

With the accompanying image:-

The Crofting Convener's Portable Throne

The Crabbit Crofter clearly thought that a portable chair would save the Crofting Commission some money:-

Meanwhile @_JamieMcIntyre thought we needed to get #faultyfurniture trending:-

This would jokingly reference excuses for things that happened being down to faulty furniture e.g.:-

But there is, of course, a serious side to all of this as highlighted by @AlisonMacleod3:-

But the answer to that has not, so far, changed:-

Brian Inkster

3 thoughts on “Twitter Hashtags poke fun at Crofting Convener

  1. Linda Brackenbury

    I can see him in my minds eye, he will be livid, he will be driving around Coll like a mad thing and grunting at everyone who dare look in his direction, better watch out the convener is

  2. Iain MacKinnon

    “…the Crofters Commission…deals…with crofting difficulties by sending commissioners and staff from its Inverness offices to faraway crofting townships where those same commissioners and their aides, by means of the hearings they hold there, dispense justice to the natives as if commissioners were, for all the world, colonial district officers in 1920s Kenya” – Professor James Hunter to the Scottish Parliament, 2010


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